Advertising Translation

At 1Global we do advertising translations in more than 80 languages. We know the industry perfectly, and we are aware of the needs of advertisers. In advertising, texts almost always indicate not only what they describe, but they express much more. Our translators try to make the translations have the same “hook”, appeal and emotional impact as the original text, especially when using phrases and puns.

Our advertising translations


  • »Text translation for press and magazine adverts
  • »Television advert translations
  • »Booklet translation
  • »Catalog Translation
  • »Text translation for mailings
  • »Translation of advertising letters
  • »Translations of advertising campaigns
  • »Poster translations
  • »Translation of press releases
  • »Translation of advertising texts on web pages
  • »Banner Advertising for Banner Ads


Why choose 1Global for your translations

We consider the specific needs for the users of advertising translations to be essentially the following:

Advertising material represents the image of your business and cover letter to your potential customers, so quality is very important. Our continuous efforts have led us to achieve a ratio of translations exceeding 99% and this has been possible thanks to the following means:

  • Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2000 quality standard and the specific quality standard for the provision of translation services UNE EN-15038: 2006.
  • 100% proofreading and quality control of translations according to standards. The texts go through 3 quality controls performed by 3 different professionals: an initial check, a review and a final check.
  • Use of assisted translation programs and translation memories.

We apply great rigor in meeting delivery deadlines for translations, with our spot translation rate being over 99%. We continue working with  professional translators and with very rigorous procedures.

Our translators are native and some have advertising and marketing skills, consequently ours translators also use COPY to translate ideas into appropriate words in the different languages ​​involved in the translation. Thanks to a large number of translators and our Project Management System we can tackle large projects by forming well coordinated translation teams and unifying the terminology.

The result of all the above has been positive, obtaining an average degree of satisfaction of our clients of 9 out of 10.