Why should we learn Italian?

What push people to learn the Italian language? Despite the political and economic relevance of other languages, the number of people who study Italian keeps growing, also in countries that never hosted immigrants from Italy. The cultural enrichment is the greatest incentive for learing the Italian language. However there are more reasons such us: work, studies, […]

Alghero, the Sardinian Catalonia

The Catalan language has several peculiarities. One of them is that Catalan language is spoken in Italy too, precisely in Alghero, Sardinia. This Catalonian song called “Des de Mallorca al Alguer” sings: “Des de Mallorca a l’Alguer, tots parlem el mateix” (from Majorca to Alghero, we all speak the same way). In fact, there is a […]

How many languages are there in Sardinia?

Both Sicily and Sardinia are one of the greatest Italian islands and they are situated in the Western Mediterranean sea, below the French island of Corsica. At first, Sardinia is the second largest island in Mediterranean Sea and, on top of that, is an autonomous Italian’s region. Among the several lateens languages, perhaps Sardinia has the most particular […]