Hard English words to pronounce

While its certain that English is not the hardest language to pronounce, it does throw rather a lot of curve balls. The English language is non tonal which aids in pronunciation and doesn’t include too many obscure sounds; there are no clicks or rolled r’s for example.  But English does have a surprisingly large amount […]

Basic phrases in some languages

Basic phrases in some languages Knowing the basics of a language is really important if you’re travelling or visiting another country. Even if you can’t speak the language proficiently, being able to say hello, please and thank you can affect the native people you are with. Here is a small list of some words and […]

Some facts on Sign Language

Sign Languages are Separate Languages Sign language is a language that predominantly uses signs, facial expressions and hand gestures as opposed to acoustically conveyed sound patterns. While the manual communication system shares many similarities with languages; they are not just a signed form. They have their own vocabulary, syntax, grammar and sentence structure. There are […]

Why do we use QWERTY?

When you look at the keys of your keyboard, do you ever wonder how someone could come up with such a random array of letters? The QWERTY keyboard dates back to the end of the 19th Century when typewriters were revolutionized, yet still today their arrangement is used universally, on keyboards, phones, tablets the lot. […]