Backpacking destinations in the Spanish Speaking World

Travelling to exotic places seems to be the in thing at the moment, and because of that countries are becoming busier and more expensive. However if you stay away from the Thailand and Bali experience, which is just a load of brits and aussies abroad, it is still possible to find some incredible, almost untouched countries. For me the best places to travel have always been in the Spanish speaking world; they haven’t quite caught up with the mass tourism that is slowly taking over Asia and due to the scale of South America one can always find some phenomenal places to visit.

I present to you a list of my favourite countries to visit.



Having just spent a month in Cuba I couldn’t recommend it more and will certainly be making a trip back. From the bustling, movie worthy streets of Havana to the incredible countryside filled with tobacco plantations, this timeless country offers so much to do and see. There is a real sense of losing touch with the rest of the world in Cuba, there are no western brands or hotels, no 3G and wifi is scarce. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself fully in its culture and leave a stressful life behind.


Nicaragua is another old and fairly dated country, but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best places to backpack. Visit fast as China are planning on destroying this beautiful country with a new panama canal. This place offers incredible hiking, some opportunity for extreme sports and calm surf towns on the west.


Home to the highest capital in the world, Bolivia is a trekker’s paradise. With easy access to the Andes and some of the most stunning scenery in the World this gem of a country is a must go to. This country also has great night life; La Paz especially has become a hub of backpackers and a great place to meet new people.


I’ve only travelled to the South of Argentina, to Patagonia, which without a doubt is the most stunning and Spartan place I’ve ever been in my life. However this country offers incredibly trendy cities with so much to do you could be there for months. Buenos Aires is a must visit and within days you’ll want to live there for live.


Once the cocaine producing capital of the world; Colombia has transformed into and incredibly diverse country to travel. Forget Narcos this country offers rich culture, welcoming people and an array of activities to do. From the rainforest, historical cities like Medellin and the start of the Andes this country has something for everyone and is not to be missed.


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