The right age to learn foreign languages

The foreign languages are not history or mathematics so the experience and persistence be able to help you to learning it. It is a language like maternal and nature has taken care to learn very early in our life. The languages are learned with the same mechanism as the mother tongue, during the period lasting up to 12 years old. If you try to learn a language as an adult you will rarely be able to learn perfectly and if you will succeed, it is going to take more time.

Until recently, from the time that the research for the brain development started the opinions on the subject were in conflict. In the past, even before the confirmation from the educational research, many educators had been attracted from the fact that many children of immigrants could speak fluently two languages, while their parents were very hard to learn the language of their new homeland. At least it was not as easy as for their children. In Sweden, there are kindergartens for children of immigrants and they learn them 3 languages at the same time, so you can see children three years old speaking three languages fluently. The human can learn as many languages as he wants as long as you come in contact with these languages in the appropriate age. And the right age is preschool. If during this age the child comes into contact with 5 languages, will learn 5. If it comes in contact with only one language, it will learn one.

Why  your child should start learning languages in a young age 

  • Children begin to learn English as they learned their mother tongue, i.e first learn to stand and to perceive the sounds of the language and then speak.
  • Learn and pleasantly rested without pressure or home study. While not engaged in reading or writing yet, they have the opportunity to develop the their speaking
  • This year is a unique and memorable experience for the child. This way they love the languages and will have a positive effect on subsequent studies.
  • Children who have attended Child use and care sections before starting the Junior A ‘(A Preliminary) have extensive experience of the language, adapt quickly and easily to the requirements of the next class and are excellent students.
  • Every year students of Kindergarten sections impress their parents with their ability to speak languages with great pronunciation after only a few months course.

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