Why should we learn Italian?

What push people to learn the Italian language?

Despite the political and economic relevance of other languages, the number of people who study Italian keeps growing, also in countries that never hosted immigrants from Italy. The cultural enrichment is the greatest incentive for learing the Italian language. However there are more reasons such us: work, studies, tourism or sentimental issues.

Italian is the language of culture. It represents Dante, Bel Canto and Lirica.Dante

Precisely this idiom was adopted by the state after the unification of Italy in 1861, it has previously been a literary language based on Tuscan of the XIV century, that Dante’s “Divina Commedia” exemplifies. It is the language of great artists, painters, poets, writers and philosophers. It is also the tongue spoken by the Pope, as it is the official language of the Vatican, besides Latin. It is a melodic, open and varied language, and this is the reason why it is easier to learn it in comparison to others.

Nowadays, this language is part of the made-in-Italy trend: it is the language of fashion, cars and cuisine. All of these screams out quality, style and “savoir vivre”.

Italian people are often friendly, warm and creative. Speaking their language enables human, cultural and professional growth. An example is the Italian industry, one of the most important ones worldwide.

For all these reasons, it is the fourth most studied language in the world.

Lastly, here is an anecdote about this language that might come in useful for those interested in learning it. Foreigners tend to say that Italian people sing while they talk, and there is actually evidence of this very particular stereotype: Apart from the words ending with “nel”, “il” or “un”, there are no other words ending with a consonant in the Italian language.

If you want to understand these beautiful poetical verses (below) you need to start practice it.

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