The English is the international language

The English is the international language of communication, which is spoken by almost a quarter of the planet’s inhabitants. The emergence of English in today’s dominant position was not accidental, but inevitable result of the expansion of the British Empire and, later, the influence of the United States. The history this  chronicling the unprecedented success of the propaganda was brought by a small group, which decided to build political possibilities of the English language.

The teachers of the 19th century had already understood the relationship between the teaching and culture of the English language . However, just after the B World War II became aware that the language can be used for propaganda. As a result  led Britain initially and later the United States, to develop a plan which were aimed to make the English language the dominant planet .

The visionary of this project was the Pex Libero, a brilliant linguist from Australia, he was speaking five languages, recruited in 1916 in the information department and propaganda . The 1934, after his presentation, founded a cultural organization in the British Council for Relations with other countries in order to ” spread British culture and the English lifestyle , and encouraging the learning of the English language”, by persuasion and without use propaganda.

The first offices operated in areas of strategic importance for London, as in the Middle East where the Suez was over the colonies in Asia. The British Council was an independent body, but had been funding by the state and was actually the cultural section from the embassy. Of course, the teaching of English was one of the main functions of the organization.

At the end of the war, English was the language of the winners and hundreds of thousands of young students had come in contact with it. “In a generation, the English language may be a global language,or the second language in many countries ”  they had been stating  the document that was the beginning of the larger spread of a language program. Both the British and US governments funded and established new universities and language centers throughout the develop of  world. In addiction  by the mid-60s, about 350 million people around the world they were speaking English.

Today, as new communication techniques and economic systems have reach every corner of the world, the English language still holds supremacy. As result, the language has been released and it is no longer anchored to the parent countries, its impact is constantly are expanding. More than 1.5 billion people around the world are able to speak even rudimentary.

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