The 10 most widely spoken languages

Many people are under the delusion that English have the absolute dominance in the spoken languages. Although the English occupies the fourth place in the list behind the Chinese and Spanish and hindi. The list has not the French language, although used by many as a second language. It should be emphasized that the demographic data are constantly changing in favor of the languages spoken in the developing countries.

10.German (118 million)

Except Germany, in other countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein have official the German language and also minorities in neighboring countries.

9.Japanese (123 million)

Most speakers of Japanese language reside in Japan. However there are Japanese in N. Korea, the USA and Australia. It is also an official language of the islands of Palau.

8.Portuguese (220 million)

Although the Portugal is a small country , the language is widespread due to the colonial past. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil and in African countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde or Indian as East Timor.

7.Bengali (250 million)

Mainly used in Bangladesh and in parts of India.

6.Russian (250 million)

Official language is the Russian in most democracies of the former Soviet Union. Large range of Russian speakers live in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

5.Arabic (440 million)

With several variations used in all the Arab peninsula countries but also in the Maghreb (North Africa). It is an official language in 26 countries including Israel.

4.English (450 million)

It is the official language in all the British Commonwealth countries and the most spoken in the world, if we count and those who use it as a second language.

3.Hinti-Urdu (490 million)

Although India has a population of over one Billiard, the presence of many dialects leads the main language to use less than half the population! The same applies to Pakistan. The hinti is an official language in India and urdu of Pakistan. However, they are absolutely related languages and it is described as one.

2.Spanish (500 million)

Another language that owes its propagation within colonial past of Spain. In much of South and Central American Spanish is the official language, and even in the United States a significant percentage of the population speaks Spanish.

1.Chinese (1.025 billion)

Specifically, the Mandarin dialect (referred to as Chinese only by no Chinese speakers), and in China there are many dialects with the second most famous the Cantonese.

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