Six easy languages to learn for English speakers

LanguagesLearning languages can be hard, but being able to speak in another tongue is incredibly useful nowadays. It lets you travel to remote places and really understand a countries culture and history. Here is a list of the six easiest languages to learn if you’ve never tried before for an English speaker.


Like English, Dutch has many roots in old Germanic languages which means a lot of words, grammar and structure is very similar. Pronunciation is very familiar without any real struggles for the native English speaker. The structure of the language is also very close to English which means many people think Dutch is probably the easiest language to learn.


This South African language is very similar to Dutch. This is due to the Dutch settlement in South Africa some time ago which means Africaans is a daughter language of Dutch. With many words similar to English and sentence structure practically the same as Dutch this is also a very easy language to learn.


English has about 8000 French derived words thanks to the invasion of England in 1066. Lexically French has more in common with English than other Romance languages thus lots of words are easy to recognise or even work out. Because its easy to learn, French is taught in schools in England from a very early age and its pronunciation shouldn’t be a problem.


There are almost 400 million native Spanish speakers and plenty more who speak it as a second language. It has mostly simple structure (apart from the dreaded subjunctive) and rolls off the tongue quite easily, you say what you see. Spanish is also an incredibly useful language to know, with many employers seeing it as an attractive skill to have.


The mother of all Romance Languages, Italian has its roots in Latin which also influenced the English language greatly. There are many similar words often with just a subtle change. Italian sentence structure is also highly rhythmic, sound and pitch is important which makes it easy to understand the gist even if you can’t comprehend all the words.


Norwegian has easy pronunciation and also fairly simple grammar for English people to master. Verbs have simple suffix endings and like English it also uses pitch on words to differentiate, think desert and dessert. However, the only drawback from this easy language to learn is where to practice, sure Norway is beautiful but you wont find bit communities of Norwegians throughout the world.

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