Top ten of world’s biggest empires in history, Part 2

Here is the continuation of our list of largest empires in history. Click here for part one.

POSITION No. 4– size does’t matter –
The Chinese Empire of the Qing Dynasty in 1644 A.D. – 1911 A.D. (12,500,000 km²)
China EmpireEmpires in China have followed one after another. Unlike Europe, with a constant succession of invasions, China was invaded by neighboring nations (to a much lesser extent) but the long cultural history of the country prevented its merger with other ethnic groups. Even the invasion from the north in 1644 was no exception.

POSITION No. 3 – size does’t matter –
The Roman Empire 44 A.C. – 476 A.D. (6,500,000 km²)
Roman Empire
Apart from its size, the Roman Empire was something unique of its kind.

It unified for the first and last times in history all the people who lived within the Mediterranean, reaching to the distant lands of Scotland and the extraordinary  Mesopotomia. The development of its structure and civilization and the effect on the future of the world, makes this empire one of the greatest of all time; a kingdom at the base of the whole Western culture.

After its downfall, the effects still continued to affect the world. The romance languages were born from Latin, and Roman architecture, political structure and literary can be seen as one of the most dominant forces to impact the world

The Russian Empire in 1712 A.D. – 1917 A.D. (24,700,000 km²)

Russian Empire

Although it was not the most densely populated or strongest, its dimensions are truly amazing. At its peak it touched well over 24.7 million kilometers, close to four times the Roman Empire.

THE BRITISH EMPIRE in 1650 A.D. – 1997 A.D. (33,000,000 million km²)

British Empire

The British Empire not only ruled a quarter of the worlds population but conquered close to a third of all the land.

It had a long duration and its impact can be felt even today. English is a language used by all different people to communicate with each other and dominates the process of globalization thanks to the action of this successor force.


where’s the Mongol empire?

Mongol Empire

We did not want to considered the Mongol empire for some specific reasons. The dimensions as we have already insisted are not everything. Although in terms of size, it turns out to be the third biggest (24,000,000 million km²), it did not last beyond the death of the founder. His children, in a very similar manner to the empire of Alexander the Great (which we deliberately omitted from the ranking), they in fact divided the spoils. Therefore, we give this empire a special mention but due to its absence of longevity, we have not given it an official position.

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