20 the oldest cities in the world

The British Telegraph newspaper shows 20 the oldest cities in the world, that had continuously inhabited over the centuries.

From India, to Afghanistan, Spain and Greece, the 20 oldest cities in the world await you.


1. Arbil, Iraq. The first inhabitants settled in 2300 BC, was an important stop “on the Silk Road.”


2. Balkh, Afghanistan. The known “Βάκτρα” of the ancient Greeks, is located in the north of the country and is characterized as “mother of cities to the Arabs.”



3. Beirut in Lebanon. The history of the city is at least 5,000 years and has residues Phoenician, Hellenistic, Roman and Arab influence.


4. Jubayl in Lebanon. Founded by the Phoenicians, but was named by the Greeks, who made import papyrus from the city.


5. Fayum, Egypt. first inhabited in 4000 BC, in ancient times was a place of worship “Holy Crocodile”.


6. Gaziantep, Turkey. In southern Turkey inhabited by Hittites, and the Roman mosaics testify the passing of Roman conquerors of the city.


Kirkuk Castle

7. Kirkuk, Iraq. Located 150 kilometers north of Baghdad, the city it was unique on the strategic importance of the Babylonians.


8. Larnaca, Cyprus. Founded by the Phoenicians with “Kition” name. The incredible beaches attract visitors over time.


Plovdiv, Bulgaria

9. Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The Greek name of Filipoupoli, the city is an important cultural center with the ruins of the Roman era.



10. Sidon, Lebanon. Just 25 kilometers south of Beirut, this city was one of the greatest empires of the Phoenicians. Alexander the Great had conquered it in 333 eg



11. Susa, Iran. The ancient city of Elam empire and one of the four capitals of the ancient Persian Empire. The modern city has a population of 65,000 residents.


Tyrus, Lebanon

12. Tyrus, Lebanon. According to the historian Herodotus, this city founded in 2750, the 332 was conquered by Alexander the Great, and then became a Roman province.



13. Varanasi, India. Built on the banks of the Ganges River, the city was sacred to Buddhists and Hindus simultaneously. The city is known by the name Benares and founded the Hindu god, Shiva.


Aleppo in Syria

14. Aleppo in Syria. The city was conquered by Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Romans and Ottomans!


Athens, Greece

15. Athens, Greece. Here was born the Republic . Ancient, Roman and Byzantine monuments, make it a popular tourist destination!


Jerusalem, Middle East

16. Jerusalem, Middle East. Spiritual center of the Jewish people, was established in 2800 B.C. and besieged 23 times!


jericho palestine17. Jericho, Palestine. According to archaeologists, it is the oldest city in the world. The first inhabitants settled around 9,000 BC Located on the banks of the Jordan River and today is inhabited by 20,000 people.


 Cadiz, Spain.

18. Cadiz, Spain. At the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, founded by the Phoenicians and was a “military base” for the Hannibal. Romans and Moors conquered then.


Thebes, Greece

19. Thebes, Greece, the city today is much smaller than the ancient city. The excavations revealed a Mycenaean settlement.


Luxor, Egypt

20. Luxor, Egypt. Opponent of Ancient Athens, archaeologists have excavated Mycenaean culture elements.

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