The ancient Italian heritage: the ruins of Rome

Italy is home to the greatest number of World Heritage Sites recognized by UNESCO with 51 sites plus 2 of Vatican City situated within Rome, followed by China (50), Spain (45),  France (42),  Germany (41), India (35) and Mexico (34). Even if Rome today is facing a decadent period where political crisis are commonplace from the point of view of the tourism it remains an […]

France: Cultural Richness

France, thanks to its unique heritage of art, culture and history, is one of the most famous countries around the World. Each 13 regions have unique features (think for example about the differences between Burgundy, well known all over the world for its top wine production and Corsica the island in the Mediterranean Sea above Sardinia famous […]

Spain: a mosaic of cultures

Because of the richness of its history, Spanish cultures has always played a leading role. Spain is above all a mosaic of cultures. Heterogeneous. Ancient and modern. Popular,Sacred and profane, Plural and diverse. The extent of its cultures attracts. The historical heritage is remarkable. And the vitality of the Spaniards fascinates. Spanish culture is extremely rich […]

Erasmus Experience in Spain

Spain is the most popular destinations for Erasmus students to study or train abroad, according to data from the European Commission.The Erasmus program has changed the lives of over 3 million students. All of these students shared the common experience of an academic and cultural exchange that enriched their lives and changed their futures. Erasmus […]

Globalization and languages (part 2)

Globalization has changed the concept and the feasibility of learning languages mainly in the English-speaking universities. Whereas previously language and literature were the mainstay of foreign language departments, today the cultural shift which happens in academia worldwide proves how popular were the cultural studies programs around the world. Universities were renamed from Language and Literature […]