Why do we use QWERTY?

When you look at the keys of your keyboard, do you ever wonder how someone could come up with such a random array of letters? The QWERTY keyboard dates back to the end of the 19th Century when typewriters were revolutionized, yet still today their arrangement is used universally, on keyboards, phones, tablets the lot. […]

20 reasons to learn the French language

Why someone choose to learn French ? Language with living presence in all five continents (160 million speak the official language French). Many states, at the same time with the local language they have the French as an official. French and English are the two working languages ​​in the European Union and with those languages represented […]

The Museum : a cultural place

What is a Museum? A Museum is a place where they exhibit things, presented. It is a place where to look, where you can discover, where you learn and where there are also fun. In the Museum, you can see, for example, paintings, sculptures, instruments and objects discovered by the archaeologists on excavations… Before living […]

Globalization and languages (part 2)

Globalization has changed the concept and the feasibility of learning languages mainly in the English-speaking universities. Whereas previously language and literature were the mainstay of foreign language departments, today the cultural shift which happens in academia worldwide proves how popular were the cultural studies programs around the world. Universities were renamed from Language and Literature […]


Multilingualism broadly means the ability to learn more than one language in addition to the mother tongue. The mother tongue is the first language that a person can learn, hear and speak. Familiarity takes place in the early years of his life, during which the learning is considered as automatic, less time consuming and less difficult. […]