Why should we learn Italian?

What push people to learn the Italian language? Despite the political and economic relevance of other languages, the number of people who study Italian keeps growing, also in countries that never hosted immigrants from Italy. The cultural enrichment is the greatest incentive for learing the Italian language. However there are more reasons such us: work, studies, […]

Spain: a mosaic of cultures

Because of the richness of its history, Spanish cultures has always played a leading role. Spain is above all a mosaic of cultures. Heterogeneous. Ancient and modern. Popular,Sacred and profane, Plural and diverse. The extent of its cultures attracts. The historical heritage is remarkable. And the vitality of the Spaniards fascinates. Spanish culture is extremely rich […]

Erasmus Experience in Spain

Spain is the most popular destinations for Erasmus students to study or train abroad, according to data from the European Commission.The Erasmus program has changed the lives of over 3 million students. All of these students shared the common experience of an academic and cultural exchange that enriched their lives and changed their futures. Erasmus […]