Hispanic Actors in Hollywood

Some years ago it was very difficult for actors and actresses with Spanish and Latino American roots to get a decent role in Hollywood movies. Due to existing stereotype about Latino character the roles would reflect existing cultural biases and depict criminals or domestic servants. Fortunately, the things have changed and nowadays we have many […]

Spain: a mosaic of cultures

Because of the richness of its history, Spanish cultures has always played a leading role. Spain is above all a mosaic of cultures. Heterogeneous. Ancient and modern. Popular,Sacred and profane, Plural and diverse. The extent of its cultures attracts. The historical heritage is remarkable. And the vitality of the Spaniards fascinates. Spanish culture is extremely rich […]

Erasmus Experience in Spain

Spain is the most popular destinations for Erasmus students to study or train abroad, according to data from the European Commission.The Erasmus program has changed the lives of over 3 million students. All of these students shared the common experience of an academic and cultural exchange that enriched their lives and changed their futures. Erasmus […]

Romance languages versus English

Romance languages are a linguistic group that belongs to the larger Indo-European family of languages. French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian are the major components of this group, all national languages. This wide spread of Romance languages is a result of Roman Empire conquests, as these territories adopted Vulgar Latin vocabulary into their language after […]

Famous polyglots: Shakira

Celebrities are famous for being highly skilled at what they do – whether it’s acting, singing or modelling. Some, though, have hidden talents that not many people know about. We are of course talking about knowledge of other languages. Perhaps this is part of what helped them stand out from the crowd when they were […]