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Nuestros Traductores Químicos

traducciones_quimicasIn 1Global for our chemical translations we have professional translators with a degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering and with translators specialized in the chemical sector. Your translation will be done by a specialized translator and you will also pass 2 style reviews, following our quality management system (according to ISO 9001: 2000 and UNE EN-15038: 2006). With this we can ensure that the final document will have a high quality of translation.

Our Chemical Translations


  • »Translation of laboratory tests
  • »Translation of instructions for chemicals
  • »Translation of scientific articles on chemical topics
  • »Chemical advertising translation
  • »Translation of manuals for chemicals
  • »Translation of test results reports
  • »Translation of brochures for chemicals
  • »Translation of instructions for pharmaceutical products
  • »Translation of brochures for pharmaceutical products
  • »Translation of pharmaceutical articles
  • »Translation of any type of information, report, chemical product specification, tests, tests, etc. where chemical knowledge is required, in addition to linguistic (source and destination languages)

Why choose 1Global to perform your translation?


We consider that the specific needs of the users of chemical translations are essentially the following:


It is a sector in which the use of specialized terminology (chemistry) of the type of documents is very important, everything is translated without exception and the translation respects the meaning of the original. We are aware of this and that is why we give priority to quality. Our continuous efforts have led us to achieve a ratio of translations exceeding 99% and this has been possible thanks to the following means:

  • Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2000 quality standard and the specific quality standard for the provision of translation services UNE EN-15038: 2006.
  • Quality review and control of 100% of translations according to quality standards. The texts go through 3 quality controls performed by 3 different professionals: an initial check, a review and a final check.
  • Creation of chemical glossaries applicable to all our translations of this specialty. Additionally, for customers with particular tastes we create specific corporate glossaries. In addition to the above, for translations that require a very specific terminology or style, we prepare a chemical glossary for each particular translation and a provisional partial translation version that is sent to the client before the final version is delivered in order to tell us If you agree with the terminology used.
  • Use of assisted translation programs and specific translation memories for chemical translations.
  • Recruitment of excellent chemical translators, for which we take into account, in addition to being native, having a degree in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering, work experience in chemical work and experience in performing chemical translations.
  • Rigorous training in chemical translation , attaching great importance to research, documentation and use of appropriate terminology.


En ocasiones las traducciones químicas se necesitan en plazos cortos. Por ello, en 1Global ofrecemos una modalidad de traducción urgente en que nos adaptamos al plazo que el cliente necesite, siempre que sea viable. Ello lo conseguimos gracias a contar con un gran equipo de traductores especializados, tanto internos como externos, y a nuestro Sistema de Gestión de Proyectos de Traducción.


We apply great rigor in meeting the deadlines for translations of Web pages, with our index of point translations exceeding 99%. We do this by working with serious translators and rigorous procedures.


Sometimes our clients need to translate large volumes of documentation. Thanks to a large team of translators and our Project Management System we can tackle large projects by forming well coordinated translation teams and unifying the terminology.

The result of all the above has been positive, obtaining an average degree of satisfaction of our clients of 9 out of 10.