Computer and Software Translation

Our Computer and Software Translation Clients


In 1Global we have an specialized area in Computing and Software for Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, Basque, Romanian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese; overall more that 80 languages.

Our Computing Translators

For our computing and information technology translations (I.T) we talk with professionals with degrees in Computing and special translators who perform Information and technology translations.

Our Computing and Software Translations


  • » Translation of software manuels
  • » Translation of software guides
  • » Translation of hardware manuels
  • » Translations of hardware guides
  • » Translations of computing brochures
  • » Translation of online information technology
  • » Translation of computing and technology articles


Why choose 1Global translate for you?

We consider the specific characteristics for a technical translation to be:


We deal in a sector where the use of information and technology terminology is very important and also your own expressions in these types of documents, we make sure everything is translated without exception and that the translation replicates the original meaning. We are conscious of this clarity and therefore we priorities quality. Our continuous efforts have led us to achieve a translation ratio exceeding 99 percent accuracy which has been made possible thanks to the following means.

  • Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2000 quality standard and the specific quality standard for the provision of translation services UNE EN-15038: 2006.
  • Revision and control of quality of 100 percent of the translations as normal. The texts pass through three quality checks carried out by three different professionals: an initial test, a revision and then a final test.
  • Creation of computing and technology glossaries applicable to all our specialized translations. Additionally, for clients with particular choices, we created specific corporate glossaries. Furthermore, for translations that require computing and technological terminology or a specific style, we prepare glossaries for each particular translations and a provisional version of the translation that we send to the client before the delivery of the definite version with the idea of them telling us whether they comply with the terminology used.
  • Use of assisted translating programs and specific translation memories for computing translations.
  • Recruitment of excellent computing and technology translators, of which we make sure, as well as being native, that they have a bachelors in computing, experience in computing jobs and experience in doing computing translations.
  • Rigorous training in computer and technological translation, with specific focus  on research, documentation and use of appropriate terminology.


On occasions urgent computing translations are needed on short notice: Therefore, at 1Global Translators we offer a mode of urgent computing translations that we have adapted in case a client needs, whenever feasible. This we are able to do thanks to our team of more than 100 native computing and technology translators, both internal and external, and thanks to our Translation Project Management. System.


We always stick strictly to our deadlines, our translating punctuality being more than 99 percent. We do this by working with serious translators and and rigorous proceedings.


Sometimes our clients need large volumes of information translated, such as user manuals for a computing program or hardware. Thanks to our large number of translators and our Translation Project Management we are able to approach these big projects with teams of translations well coordinated while unifying the terminology.