In our translation agency we have 4 major objectives and one of them is customer satisfaction. One of the ways to achieve this is through our Quality Policy, which consists of a triangle that is based on two pillars (professionalism and our Quality Management System) and a benchmark above everything (customer orientation).

Customer orientation

The point of reference to which we orient ourselves are the needs of our clients, which we are committed to satisfy within what is feasible. To do this, we highly value your comments on your needs and how we can improve our services.


We work with professional translators native to the target language (1). Each translation or quality control is carried out by a translator with a level of qualification suitable for each type of work. All our employees are committed to provide their services in a way that satisfies the requirements of our customers, within the agreed time frames and with the appropriate quality level. They sign the corresponding Confidentiality Commitments.
We always give our professional clear instructions and we make sure that they understand the objectives of the order as we understand them, in order to guarantee a measurable quality that corresponds to the expected standards. As a result, our staff is able to perform their work correctly and meet the expectations of our customers.
(1): In Spain to translate from one foreign language to another, given that the sworn translators recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are from/to Spanish from/to the corresponding language, in case of requesting a sworn translation of these linguistic combinations, we are obliged to translate first in Castillan and then in the destination language. Consequently, the price doubles and in addition, it can happen that in the institution where the translations have to be presented, they are not admitted (we recommend consulting with the corresponding public office). However, if you still want an estimate, please enclose the documents to be translated and we will reply you as soon as possible.

Quality Management System

To deliver the projects on time and with the right quality, we have developed a Quality System with rigorous procedures and different quality controls so that the final result is adequate.
The 1Global Quality Manual and Procedural Manuals regulate all operations performed in 1Global, trying to create systems that make human error difficult.
To do this, we have decomposed all the activity of 1Global in the various operations, to the smallest. We have analyzed each operation and investigated all possible causes of error and taken corrective actions to avoid or correct those causes.
Some of the mechanisms we use are:

1. Regulation of operations.

2. Quality Controls, through reviews and checks.

3. Checklists (Lists of points to check).

4. Use of standardized models.

5. Rigorous selection of suppliers and employees in accordance with our list of requirements.

6. Delivery to the translators of our Manual of Procedures corresponding to the operation in question and signature of the corresponding Commitment of Confidentiality and Quality.

7. Use of glossaries, translation memories (software that allows you to adapt the translations to the criteria of 1Global and the client) and other tools of work.

8. Customer feedback management system, etc.

This allows us to offer a level of quality adapted to the needs of each client. Our quality policy for the different modalities of translation and interpretation is as follows:
» Standard translation
» Specialized translations
» Translations according to quality standards ISO 9001 and UNE 15038
» Sworn translations
» Standard interpretations
» Specialized interpretations