Weird English sports you must try

The English have a variety of weird sports that are unknown to a lot of the world. This article will explore and explain some well know English sports that have gained international success and also look at some very bizarre sports alien to the rest of the world. English people have a tendency to get drunk and created sports that the rest of the world deems stupid, but actually taking part or watching can be incredibly fun.


Cricket is a fairly well known sport played in countries such as India, Australia, South Africa and a few other old British colonies. However, the rest of Europe has little interest in the sport. The objective is to score more runs than the other team; runs are scored by hitting the ball and unsurprisingly “running” between the wickets (wooden stumps in the ground”. Cricket is a great game to play at a low level, with many villages playing on Sundays and there is always a compulsory trip to the pub afterwards.


Darts is the game of the pub and played at all levels by intoxicated English men; surprisingly difficult but incredibly fun. Darts now holds international competitions which attract large audiences of people basically looking to party and drink. The annual competition at the Alexandra Palace in London sees the average fan consuming 10-12 pints throughout the day. Don’t be surprised by the choruses of chanting and singing that go on and fancy dress is also a must.


Born and bred at English boarding schools, fives is a peculiar game similar to squash but played with hands instead of racquets. The first match was played against the side of a church and there are only a handful courts available in the UK. The court includes a “buttress” or concrete pillar that adds to the confusion. Similar sports around the world include perhaps hand-pelota from the Basque country in Spain.

Pancake race

Now we’re talking about really weird sports. Pancake races take part on Shrove Tuesday in the UK and consist of usually children running a course with a pan and a pancake. Be careful not to drop your pancake or you’ll be eliminated and a flip of the pancake is required at every corner.

Snail Racing

Snail Racing is normally a child’s first insight into the world of gambling; except instead of horses running, its snails attempting to cross about 10 inches of ground. Expect limited consistency of your snail and don’t be surprised if none of them finish, a truly disappointing yet hilarious British sport.

Log Throwing

Perhaps the most weird and wonderful sport on the list, log throwing was thought up in the Scottish highlands and as it says in the title consist of men attempting, but not always succeeding, to throw logs. Expect to see this sport at village fetes and again, you’re more likely to laugh than see a successful throw.

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