20 reasons to learn the French language

Why someone choose to learn French ?

  1. Language with living presence in all five continents (160 million speak the official language French).
  2. Many states, at the same time with the local language they have the French as an official.
  3. French and English are the two working languages ​​in the European Union and with those languages represented worldwide.
  4. According to our research, the French language is the second choice of the 11 official EU languages after English. Moreover it is taught in all countries of the world.
  5. It is one of the most used languages for the Internet (the others are: English, Russian, Spanish, Indian, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese).
  6. First official language of the Olympics and of Posts and second official of every international organism (UN, NATO, MSF, MDM etc.).
  7. It is one of the 7 major languages ​​with influences in the arts, science, technology and letters! The other six are: English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese.
  8. It is one of the five languages ​​of the UN The others are: English, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.
  9. Due to the fact that until the 2nd World War, French was the main language of diplomacy, the new international situation requires excellent knowledge of the language from the people who are involved with studies and analyzes.
  10. The cultural, archaeological, ethnological or linguistic researches and studies for peoples or un
    known areas have been made almost exclusively in French, which makes it useful in ethnology and linguistics.
  11. The colonial past of France and Francophone Belgium imposed the French (like administrative language) in many countries which today they receive EU investments, particularly in African, but also in Southeast Asia.
  12. Knowing French, you can learn more easily other European languages.
  13. The tourist interest, since French is spoken from the Antilles to France, from Africa to Switzerland, from Monaco to Tahiti, from the Seychelles to Canada from Vietnam as Belgium.
  14. With the knowledge of the French language are possible studies in prestigious universities (Belgium, France, Switzerland, Canada) which provide the vocational rehabilitation!
  15. Due to high scientific and technological level of France, many people prefer this for senior specialized studies.
  16. The knowledge of French is necessary for those who wish to pursue areas such as fashion, hairdressing, the kitchen, the cosmetic and beauty.
  17. France is one of the eight most powerful countries in the world, first world power in the industries of perfume and cosmetics, 4th economic power with global leadership in railway construction, aerospace, fourth global car manufacturer.
  18. France is an important commercial and financial hub: 2/3 European trade moving through France.
  19. The culture of France is huge! This language has to present a wide variety of literary and musical richness.
  20. France is world cultural reference:
  • First in film production in Europe.
  • Direct access in numerous masterpieces of literature.
  • Possibility of direct contact with the French Enlightenment, which is the starting point of modern civilization.

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