Basic phrases in some languages

Basic phrases in some languages Knowing the basics of a language is really important if you’re travelling or visiting another country. Even if you can’t speak the language proficiently, being able to say hello, please and thank you can affect the native people you are with. Here is a small list of some words and […]

France: Cultural Richness

France, thanks to its unique heritage of art, culture and history, is one of the most famous countries around the World. Each 13 regions have unique features (think for example about the differences between Burgundy, well known all over the world for its top wine production and Corsica the island in the Mediterranean Sea above Sardinia famous […]

The Museum : a cultural place

What is a Museum? A Museum is a place where they exhibit things, presented. It is a place where to look, where you can discover, where you learn and where there are also fun. In the Museum, you can see, for example, paintings, sculptures, instruments and objects discovered by the archaeologists on excavations… Before living […]

Women On Wonderlust

Every day milions of Women travel the world alone.  Adventurous and daring woman are hiting the road more and more, they are not staying at home anymore but traveling the world. Getting out there and exploring every places to go. Sharing all of their travel stories on blog sites and  writing several books about travel. […]

Challenges of learning Chinese

The standard form of Chinese language is called Mandarin. It is a widespread language in China, but it might seem an impossible task to Europeans. However, the more adventurous language enthusiasts might find it interesting, tricky and exotic. When learning Mandarin, one of the things that should be considered is that not only the writing […]