Short guide of punctuation in English

Punctuation is definitely important to any translator. But sometimes the rules we know in our native language differ from the ones in the target language. A correct and professional translation should include the appropriate punctuation signs. Let’s take a look at some guidelines. The period (Am EN) or full stop (Br EN) Apart from the general […]

Old Norse, the language of the Vikings

Long before the travels and explorations of Columbus, Vespucci, Marco Polo, da Gama or John Smith, some 8th century populations known as the Vikings raided the seas around Scandinavia and Europe. The period of their expansion during the 8th to 11th century had brought along numerous military inventions, new trade routes, exploration of then unknown settlements […]

Cockney accent and slang

London is one of the biggest multi-cultural cities in the world, but with so many people living in it one can still notice the national heritage of the brits. For example, while in the Eastern part of the city you might hear Londoners talking with a strange accent known as Cockney. As many other dialects, […]