France: Cultural Richness

France, thanks to its unique heritage of art, culture and history, is one of the most famous countries around the World. Each 13 regions have unique features (think for example about the differences between Burgundy, well known all over the world for its top wine production and Corsica the island in the Mediterranean Sea above Sardinia famous […]

The Museum : a cultural place

What is a Museum? A Museum is a place where they exhibit things, presented. It is a place where to look, where you can discover, where you learn and where there are also fun. In the Museum, you can see, for example, paintings, sculptures, instruments and objects discovered by the archaeologists on excavations… Before living […]

The Origins Of Languages

Have you ever read the Bible? Even If you have not, you will know the story about the city named Babylon. Let me remind you what the story was about. Many years ago there was a city. In that time there were no other languages. There was just one language and all the people around […]

Dead Languages – The Fascinating Story

A dead languages are languages that no longer has any native speakers. An example is Latin which has been considered a dead language for centuries. Languages can die for many reasons. They can be replaced by another. For example, Coptic was replaced by Arabic and many languages ​​of the indigenous people of the Americas have […]

Embarassing mistranslations in history

The role of interpreters and translators is to be considered essential in many circumstances, especially when we are dealing with official meetings and speeches, in which being precise and attentive prevents from comical or embarassing mistranslations as the ones following. “I fok horses“ On April 10, 1961, John F. Kennedy met Joseph Luns, the former Dutch Minister of […]