Dead Languages – The Fascinating Story

A dead languages are languages that no longer has any native speakers. An example is Latin which has been considered a dead language for centuries. Languages can die for many reasons. They can be replaced by another. For example, Coptic was replaced by Arabic and many languages ​​of the indigenous people of the Americas have […]

Latin words in daily language

Have you ever realized how many words with Latin etymology we use in our daily language? Latin is considered as a “dead” language, since, nowadays, it is spoken nowhere; however, we can still find Latin words in several expressions, aphorisms or abbreviations all around the world. The Latin language is still taught at school, because some Latin words and […]

Catalan: history of a language

When you arrive in Barcelona, you cannot help noticing that almost everything (road signs, public information, local websites) is not written in Spanish, but in the local language: Catalan. Catalan is not a dialect deriving from Spanish, it is a completely autonomous language, rooted in Vulgar Latin – as the other Romance languages like French, […]

Lucky “shit”

Did you know that in some countries, wishing “a lot of shit” is something common. Even though it can seem quite rude, it is actually a very friendly expression used to bring luck to someone. You may wonder why, but don’t worry, I’m about to explain you! The word in question comes actually from Latin “merda” […]

Translation in literature

As we all know, nowadays it is necessary that any type of media can reach the masses. That is to say, it can be translated and interpreted into different languages in order to ensure an international reach, and therefore ensure a greater overall success. Of all the types of media, literature is the oldest, and […]