Technical Translation

In 1Global we have a specialized area in technical translations in Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Catalan, Basque, Romanian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and other languages​​.

Our Technical Translators

For our technical translations we have professionals with degrees in various engineering as well as other technical fields.

Your technical translation will always be performed by a 100% native translator and will also pass 2 style revisions, following our quality management system (according to ISO 9001: 2000 and UNE EN-15038: 2006). With this we can ensure that the final translation will not only have a very high quality of translation, but also, will transmit both the style and the philosophy of the web page in its original language.

Our technical translations

  • » Translations of instruction manuals and user manuals
  • » Translations of technical specifications
  • » Translations of mechanics
  • » Translations of electronic device manuals
  • » Translations for the electricity sector
  • » Translations of manuals and appliance instructions
  • » Automotive Translations
  • » Translations of aeronautics
  • » Translations for the naval sector
  • » Translations on industrial and engineering topics
  • » Research Reports
  • » Technical testing and analysis
  • » Reports on research and experimental development in natural and technical sciences
  • » Hire contracts for agricultural machinery and equipment, construction and civil engineering equipment
  • » Manuals for agricultural machinery and equipment for construction and civil engineering
  • » Hire contracts for machinery and office equipment, including computers
  • » Air transport reports and manuals
  • » Contracts for the energy sector
  • » Reports for the energy sector
  • » Translations for the telecommunications sector
  • » Translation of any type of contract, manual, report, technical specification, etc. where technical knowledge in addition to linguistic (source and destination languages)


Why choose 1Global to perform your translation?

We consider the specific needs of users of technical translations to be essentially the following:


It is a sector it is very important to use terms and technical expressions specific to the clients request, and the translation must replicate the meaning of the original, turning words into ideas and ideas into words. We are aware of this and that is why we give priority to quality. Our continuous efforts have led us to achieve a translation ratio of more than 99%, thanks to the following means:

  • Quality Management System in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2000 quality standard and the specific quality standard for the provision of translation services UNE EN-15038: 2006.
  • 100% proofreading and quality control of translations according to standards. The texts go through 3 quality controls performed by 3 different professionals: an initial check, a review and a final check.
  • Creation of technical glossaries applicable to all our translations of this specialty. Additionally, for customers with particular tastes we create specific corporate glossaries. In addition to the above, for translations that require a very specific terminology or style we prepare a glossary for each particular translation and a provisional partial version of the translation that are sent to the client before the delivery of the final version so that it tells us if Is in agreement with the terminology used.
  • Use of assisted translation programs and specific translation memories for technical translations.
  • Recruitment of excellent technical translators, for which we take into account, in addition to being native, have a degree in engineering, work experience in technical work and experience in the implementation of technical translations.
  • Rigorous training in technical translation , giving great importance to research, documentation and use of appropriate terminology.


Technical translations are often needed in short time frames. Therefore, in 1Global we offer an urgent translation which we adapt to the terms that the client needs, whenever feasible. This was achieved thanks to a team of more than 1,000 native translators, both internal and external, and our Translation Project Management System.


We apply great rigor in meeting the deadlines for translations of Web pages, with our index of point translations exceeding 99%. We do this by working with serious translators and rigorous procedures.


Thanks to having a large number of web page translators and also our Management System we can tackle large web translation projects, forming well coordinated translation teams with unifying criteria, style and terminology. As a result we can offer maximum quality, speed and punctuality. Our greatest satisfaction after 15 years of experience is the loyalty of our customers.