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1Global has an area of ​​specialization in tourism and hospitality. For this we have translators who are fluent in the terminology of this sector.

Our tourism translators

For our translations of the tourism sector we have translators with degrees in Tourism, Geography, History, Art History and other related fields.

Our tourism translation

  • »Translation of tourist guides traducciones_turisticas
  • »Translation of advertising of cities and tourist areas
  • »Translation of hotel brochures
  • »Hotel Advertising Translation
  • »Translation of hotel websites
  • »Cruise Advertising Translation
  • »Translation of information for cruise ships
  • »Cruise website translation
  • »Translation of restaurant menus
  • »Translation of museum information and guides
  • »Tourist articles in magazines and newspapers
  • »Advertising of tourism promotion bodies
  • »Travel agency catalogs
  • »Travel Agency Websites
  • »Documentation for wholesalers
  • »Tourist portals
  • »Contracts for tourism companies
  • »Documentation for car rental companies
  • »Documentation for air transport companies
  • »Translation of any type of contract, information brochure, documentation, etc. where tourist knowledge is required in addition to linguistic (source and destination languages)


Why chose 1Global for your translation?

We consider the specific needs of users of tourism translations to be essentially the following:

The importance of language is crucial within the tourism sector, we want to greet the client with translations that are completely natural. Also in this sector, not all terms and expressions are translatable (some should be explained, not translated). We are aware of this and that is why we give priority to quality.


In the tourism sector translations are often needed in very short time frames. For this reason, in 1Global we offer an urgent translation mode with which we adapt to the term that the client needs, whenever feasible. We are able to achieve this thanks to a large team of native translators, both internal and external, and our Translation Project Management System.


We apply great rigor in meeting delivery deadlines for translations, with our spot translation rate being over 99%. We get it working with serious translators and with very rigorous procedures.