Five underrated and historic cities in Spain to visit

Spain is a fascinating and vibrant place to travel too, with stand out cities such as Madrid, Barcelona Grenada and Valencia. These cities are well known, well traveled and offer lots to do; however, beyond the well known ones there are an array of beautiful and underrated cities. Here is a list of cities in Spain to travel to if you want something a little different and certainly more authentic.



Huesca is the capital of one of the Provinces in Aragon and the gateway to the Pyrenees. It is a city rich in Romanesque architecture, stunning landscapes and also accessibility to many beautiful ski resorts. The old quarter is filled with 13th Century churches and cathedrals and boasts the Abbey of San Pedro. Whether it’s the architecture, the authentic feel of the city or the gateway to skiing that attracts you, this is truly an underrated city.



Santillana Del Mar

Santillana Del Mar is a small picturesque town located in the north of Spain in the autonomous region of Cantabria. It is a historic village filled with beautiful architecture dating back to the medieval period. The beautifully preserved town is filled with bustling shops and restaurants and is a paradise for those interested in medieval buildings and culture. The surrounding landscape is great for those interested in hiking through the hills and the sea is close enough by and easy to get to.



Burgos is a city full of history and culture. The capital of Spain’s Castille region for almost 500 years this city boasts the burial place of the medieval Spanish hero El Cid. Burgos is famous for its blood sausage, sheep’s cheese and different variety of wines. A must visit if history, live music, particularly jazz, and food is your passion. There are easy trips available to taste the famous Ribero del Duero wines.


Jerez de la Fontana

Jerez de la Fontana is a city that dates back over 3000 years and is full of culture and historical buildings. Aside from that many visitors come for the famous sherry and flamenco music which is on regularly in bars and small music clubs.



Girona has a particularly war torn past and the buildings and architecture in this historic town reflect the years of war. Known as the “The City of a Thousand Sieges” the streets are filled with Gothic churches, roman walls and plenty of interesting museums on the sieges it survived. Aside from the history this town is vibrant and bustling at night with many lively cafes and bars that run along the waterfront. And if golf is your thing the city is surrounded by some of the best courses Spain has to offer.

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